Tack Research Center

Tack Research Center is the Specialty Building for the Tack Shooter. It costs Monkey Dollar500 to purchase and increases Bomb Tower cost and upgrades by 5% (Boomerang Throwers if it's in the Mobile version).


Picture 7


  • The bonuses from Tiers 3 and 4 do not stack. The bonus from Tier 4 is simply an upgrade of Tier 3.
  • There are six 0/0 Tack Shooters inside the garage.
  • There are boxes of tacks outside and one of them has opened, and all of the tacks fell out.
  • The description says Tack Towers, but their name is Tack Shooters.
  • This is one of the few Specialty Buldings where it costs Monkey Dollar500 to purchase the building, the others being the Dart Training Facility and Spikes R Us.
  • The level 3 and 4 effects of the Tack Research Center prove extremely useful for the Tack Sprayer, as it has a popping power of 16 (1 per tack) by default, increasing its popping power to 32 (2 per tack).

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