Target Priority is a special option that most towers in the Bloons TD series have. It is used to indicate to the tower what bloons it should attack. It can be changed by the player at any time. To change it, the player must click or tap the tower, and then choose one of the options found in the Target Priority selector.

Target PrioritiesEdit

In the Bloons TD series, there are a total of five standard Target Priorities. The priorities are:

  • First
    • First makes the tower attack the Bloons that are farthest down the track in its range. This is the default choice.
  • Last
    • Last makes the tower attack the Bloons that are the closest to the start of the track in the tower's range.
  • Close
    • Close makes the tower attacks Bloons closest to the tower in the tower's range.
  • Weak
    • Weak makes the tower attacks Bloons that are the weakest in the tower's range. Only appears in BTD4 and its expansion.
  • Strong
    • Strong attacks the strongest Bloons in the tower's range.

Bloons TD 3Edit

In Bloons TD 3, there are 2 selections for target priority. They are:

  • First
  • Last

Bloons TD 4Edit

In Bloons TD 4, there are an additional 2 selections for target priority, bringing the total up to 4. They are:

  • First
  • Last
  • Weak
  • Strong

Bloons TD 5Edit


Controls for Target Priority in BTD5

In Bloons TD 5, the Weak target priority was replaced by Close. There are also 4 different target priorities.

  • First
  • Last
  • Strong
  • Close

Special Target PrioritiesEdit

Certain towers have the ability to use different and unique Target Priorities or to use Target Priorities that they didn't originally have.

Heli PilotEdit

The Heli Pilot has four moving systems, which are selected in the Target Priority selector.

  • Follow Touch
    • Follow Touch will make the Heli Pilot move to where the player taps.
  • Lock in Place
    • Lock in Place will make the Heli Pilot stop where it is when the Target Priority is selected.
  • Patrol
    • Patrol will make the Heli Pilot move between two spots chosen by the player.
  • Pursuit
    • Pursuit is the same as target priority First, except the Heli Pilot will follow the bloons while shooting them. It is unlocked with the purchase of the second upgrade on the first path, with the same name as the target priority.

Monkey SubEdit

The Monkey Sub has a special Target Priority known as Submerge. Submerge changes the tower's attack to reveal Camo Bloons in the Monkey Sub's Range. It is unlocked with the third path one upgrade, Submerge and Support. If it has the Bloontonium Reactor upgrade, it will reveal Camo bloons, pop bloons, and reduce water tower cooldowns by 15%.

Monkey AceEdit

The aircraft has Three Mobile Systems, which are

  • 8 - causes the plane to fly to form an "8", namely making two circles vertically.
  • ∞ - does the same thing as the previous form, but horizontally. Resembling a "figure eight lying."
  • o - causes the plane to fly in circles

Towers without Target PrioritiesEdit

Certain towers do not have Target Priorities.