The Great Divide is an Advanced track where the paths are very far from each other, and they will never meet, making that you have to control 2 short paths at the same time. It may be very difficult to beat, especially in Hard.


  • Start with Dart Monkeys, because the paths will never meet and they are very far from each other, and Dart Monkeys are cheap. Don't start with expensive things.
  • Using Banana Farms can really help here.
  • Ice at a turn at the start combined with Glue Gunners is very effective.
  • A Spike Factory can really be helpful for saving lives.
  • Use Tack Shooters on early rounds. There are a lot of U-turns.
  • If you want Super Monkeys try to get 2 of them as soon as possible.
  • Rounds 40, 42, 43, 46, 47, 49, 63, 76 and 78 are very difficult: have some free money for spamming Road Spikes because you won't be able to afford the useful expensive things for each side.
  • Dartling Guns are almost useless on this map, as, unless using the effects of a level 3 Dartling Ammo Dump, all Dartling Guns can only effectively target one path at a time.

Selethen's strategyEdit

(WARNING: this strategy has only been tested on easy)

1. purchase 2 dart monkeys and place them next to the middle u-turns.

2. wait a few rounds.

3. sell the dart monkeys and replace them with ninja monkeys.

4. buy two tack towers and place them next to the ninjas, IN the u-turns.

5. upgrade the ninja's 2/2.

6. buy two bomb towers and place them in the highest u-turns. (make sure you do this before round 28!!! eventually wait a little while with fully completing step 5)

7. make the ninja's 4/2

8. make the tack towers 2/2

9. make the 1 bomb tower 2/4

10. place two spike factories near the ends.

11. Make tack shooters 4/2

12. upgrade spike factories 1/2

13. save money for awesome towers like super monkey!!!

you might leak some bloons.