For the Beekeeper Pro's special ability, see Swarm Ability.
Unleash the swarm! Shoots 4 bees at a time, has a much larger range and can support 30 deployed bees at a time.
~ Description
The Swarm

The Swarm is the final upgrade for the Beekeeper in Bloons TD 4 for the iPod and iPhone. It costs $6375 on Easy, $7500 on Medium and $8100 on Hard.


  • This is considered one of the more coveted upgrades to experienced players, due to being a hard to unlock tower, and being very expensive.
  • This upgrade is similar to the Beekeeper Pro's ability in Bloons TD 5, but the notable differences are:
    • It is an upgrade in BTD4 iOS, but it is an ability in BTD5.
    • It releases four bees at a time in BTD4 iOS, but it releases one bee at a time, and a swarm of bees in BTD5 when the ability is used.

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