On certain tracks, if bloons are popped extremely close to the start of the track, and release at least a certain number of bloons as a result, then the Track Jump glitch may occur. This results in Bloons suddenly spawning much further forwards on the track. This glitch has been fixed, but still exists in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe.

Levels That Suffer From This GlitchEdit

  • Snake River - On Snake River, this only applies to bloons spawning from the left fork. At least 4 bloons must spawn from the popped bloon (e.g. from a Sniper popping a Zebra or above). Bloons jump forward to near the river merge.
  • Mount Magma - On Mount Magma, this occurs very easily, whenever at least two bloons spawn. As the point jumped to is just outside the first ring (on the second ring at the top), it appears that bloons simply jump over the wall, although this is not what is happening
  • Bloontonium Lab - On Bloontonium Lab, it is harder to tell exactly how many bloons must spawn to cause this glitch (possibly 4). Bloons must be on the bottom track, and jump to near the end of that track. This can be very frustrating for players, as often bloons will totally circumvent the players defenses (typically placed near the center) and escape before the player can react, A good idea is to put Spike Factories at all the ends of the track.

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