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Tracks in the BTD series are where bloons travel. There are many tracks to choose from. Many tracks have varieties, including but not limited to a certain number of Bloon entrances, length and multiple paths. Most tracks did not have a specific name until Bloons Tower Defense 4.

BTD TracksEdit


The only track of BTD1.

In the original Bloons Tower Defense, there is only one track and no selection of difficulty. The bloons come from the left and go up to the top. The bloons are also very off-centered in BTD1.

The track is the very first track in the Bloons TD series. The terrain is grassy; the grey paths look like stones. There are no trees or water.

BTD2 TracksEdit

  • Easy Track
  • Medium Track
  • Hard Track

There are 3 tracks, chosen as difficulties.

Track 1Edit

This track is quite easy; it has white paths and is located in the sky. Bloons appear from the left and exit to the bottom.

Track 2Edit

This track has the same terrain as the BTD1 track, being grassy and having same color of paths, grey. Bloons start from the top and exits to the bottom.

Track 3Edit

The most difficult of the three tracks, with two intersecting paths. It is most likely located in a desert; the paths are grey.

BTD3 TracksEdit

  • Track 1
  • Track 2
  • Track 3
  • Track 4
  • Track 5
  • Track 6
  • Track 7
  • Track 8

There are 8 tracks in BTD3. The final four tracks are only available if the game is played on Ninja Kiwi.

BTD4 TracksEdit

In BTD4, there are 9 default tracks and 7 premium tracks.

Bloons TD 4 Expansion TracksEdit

There are 4 tracks; the Beach, the Sewer, the Monkey Temple and the Triangle of Insanity, as well as the 7 premium tracks in the regular BTD4.

BTD5 TracksEdit

In BTD5, there are 40 tracks, and four of them are exclusive to Co-op Mode.

These are the lengths of different tracks in Bloons Tower Defense 5. Track lengths are measured in RBS (red bloon seconds i.e. the approximate time taken in seconds for a red bloon to complete the track). Also, as some Intermediate, Advanced and Expert tracks have multiple paths, the time listed is the shortest path.

  • Monkey Lane
  • Park Path
  • The Rink
  • Space Truckin'
  • Brick Wall
  • Z Factor
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Maze
  • Bloonhenge
  • Ocean Road
  • Military Base
  • Alpine Lake
  • Skull Peak
  • Snake River
  • Bloon Circles
  • Archipelago
  • Dockside
  • Slalom
  • Jungle
  • Country Road
  • Pool Table
  • Banana Factory
  • White M.O.A.B.
  • Haunted Swamp
  • Mount Magma
  • Switch
  • Lightning Scar
  • Downstream
  • The Eye
  • The Great Divide
  • Floating Islands
  • Tubular
  • Cash Money
  • Clock
  • Castle
  • Death Valley
  • Drag Strip
  • Tunnels
  • Tree Tops
  • Ascension
  • Railway Track
  • Spider Map
  • Main Street
  • Bloontonium Lab
  • North Pole

Beginner Tracks

These tracks have a Monkey Money reward of 75 on Easy, 100 on Medium, and 150 on Hard.

Intermediate Tracks

These tracks have a Monkey Money reward of 150 on Easy, 200 on Medium, and 300 on Hard.

Advanced Tracks

These tracks have a Monkey Money reward of 225 on Easy, 300 on Medium, and 450 on Hard.

​Expert Tracks

These tracks have a Monkey Money reward of 300 on Easy, 400 on Medium, and 600 on Hard.

Extreme Tracks

BTD5 Deluxe TracksEdit

In BTD5 Deluxe, there are 50 tracks:

Beginner Tracks

Intermediate Tracks

Advanced Tracks

Expert Tracks

Extreme Tracks

Bloons TD Battles TracksEdit

In BTDB, there are 19 tracks in total:


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