• Tribal Turtle Pro Unlocked!
  • Pro Tribal Turtle Unlocked!


The Tribal Turtle Pro is the pro version of the Tribal Turtle. It allows the Tribal Turtle to become ambidextrous, throwing spears and coconuts simultaneously. It takes 50 Tribal Turtles to unlock the Tribal Turtle Pro or Monkey Dollar4,250. The spears and coconuts get no added effect, so the Tribal Turtle just throws spears and coconuts at the same time.

TT Pro

Tribal Turtle Pro!


The Tribal Turtle Pro gets more feathers on his head. He also gets a red mark on his forehead and gets a blue outline around his eyes. The turtle also becomes serious, and has a frown on his face.


  • In the Special Mission The Crucible, placing a Tribal Turtle Pro on the crucible will make it not fire anything.
  • Every now and then, the spears the Tribal Turtle Pro holds change a bit.

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