Turbo Charge Ability: increase attack speed to hypersonic for 10 seconds.
~ Description
Turbo Charge is an upgrade to the Boomerang Thrower that made
  • A normal Turbo Charge Boomer next to a 2/4 Turbo Charge Boomer
  • Turbo Charge official Art Work
  • Turbo Charge upgrade in Bloons Monkey City
  • 2-4 Boomerang Thrower in BTD5 Deluxe
  • Turbo Charge ability and M.I.B Call To Arms ability used together
  • Turbo Charge in use.
  • Turbo Charge without Glaive Thrower
its debut in Bloons TD 5. It is the final upgrade on Path 2, costing $2550 on Easy, $3000 on Medium, $3240 on Hard and $3600 on Impoppable and adds the Turbo Charge Ability, which increases the firing speed of the tower by 5x (hypersonic) for 10 seconds. It is recommended to combine the Glaive Thrower upgrade along with this upgrade; not only will the Boomerang Thrower pop more bloons at once, it will also increase its attack rate.

Ability cooldown index:

The turbo charge ability has an ability cooldown index of 0.22.

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)Edit


Buff Turbo Change now grants camo detection to the Boomerang Thrower while the ability is activated.


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