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Upgrades are improvements you buy with money.

An upgrade in BTD 4.


Bloons Tower Defense 4Edit

Dart MonkeyEdit

Description: A monkey that shoots a single dart to pop a single bloon.


  • Easy:170
  • Medium:200
  • Hard:215


  • Piercing dart: Pops 2 bloons instead of 1.
  • Long range darts: Increases range of monkey.
  • Spike-o-pult: Turns into a spike-o-pult. Increases range and shoots a spike that goes across the screen, popping bloons.
  • Triple shot: Fires three spikes at once!

Tack ShooterEdit

Description: Shoots a volley of 8 tacks with short range.

  • Easy: 305
  • Medium:360
  • Hard:390


  • Faster shooting: Shoots faster.
  • Extra range: Increases range.
  • Blade shooter: Shoots blades instead of tacks, blades have more range.
  • Ring of fire: Increases range and shoots a wave of fire that pops everything.

Boomerang ThrowerEdit

Description: Shoots a boomerang in a curve pattern. Prices:

  • Easy:340
  • Medium:400
  • Hard:430


  • Multi target: Boomerang will hit up to 7 bloons.
  • Sonic boom: Boomerang will be able to pop frozen bloons.
  • Glaive thrower: Boomerang will hit up to 12 bloons.
  • Lightsabre Thrower: Lightsabre slices through everything, popping up to 70 bloons.

Bomb TowerEdit

Description: Slow firing bomb that pops many bloons at once. Prices:

  • Easy:595
  • Medium:700
  • Hard:755


  • Bigger bombs: Shoots bigger bombs.
  • Longer range: Increases range.
  • Missile launcher: Increases range and fires missiles instead of bombs, missiles fly faster and further.
  • MOAB mauler: Causes 10x more damage to MOAB’s and BFB’s

Ice TowerEdit

Description: Freezes bloons but has short range. Frozen bloons are immune to anything sharp. Prices:

  • Easy:325
  • Medium:380
  • Hard:410


  • Improved ice tower: Increases range and freeze time.
  • Permafrost: Slows down bloons even after they thaw out.
  • Snap freeze: Pops 1 layer of bloons and then freezes.
  • Arctic wind: Increases range and bloons slow down by 66% within its radius.

Mortar TowerEdit

Description: Aims at a single spot anywhere on the map. Prices:

  • Easy:700
  • Medium:825
  • Hard:890


  • Greater accuracy: Increases accuracy of mortars.
  • Rapid reload: Increases fire rate.
  • Bloon buster: Smashes through 2 layers of bloons.
  • Mortar battery: Shoots 3x faster.

Glue GunnerEdit

Description: Shoots glue that slows down bloons. Prices:

  • Easy:255
  • Medium:300
  • Hard:325


  • Stickier glue: Glue lasts longer
  • Glue soak: Glue goes through all the layers of bloons.
  • Corrosive glue: Pops bloons every 2 seconds.
  • Glue splatter: Glue splashes affecting up to 20 bloons.

Monkey BeaconEdit

Description: Does not attack and provides boosts to the towers within its range. Prices:

  • Easy:850
  • Medium:1000
  • Hard:1080


  • Wider influence: Increases range.
  • Jungle drums: Gives a boost to attack rate to towers within its range.
  • Sonar beacon: Allows towers within its range to shoot camo bloons.
  • Monkey storm: Gives the beacon a special attack that wipes out the whole screen, has a price and a cool down time. Unique.

Monkey AceEdit

Description: Flies above towers and the map in a figure 8 pattern, shoots a volley of 8 darts. Prices:

  • Easy:765
  • Medium:900
  • Hard:970


  • Pineapple express: Sometimes drops explosive pineapples on the map.
  • Spy plane: Allows detection of camo bloons near the plane.
  • Rapid fire: Shoots faster.
  • Operation: Dart storm: Shoots twice as many darts.

Monkey BuccaneerEdit

Description: Can only be placed on water. Has a long range and shoots a single heavy dart. Prices:

  • Easy:510
  • Medium:600
  • Hard:650


  • Grape shot: Adds a small volley of grapes to the shot.
  • Crow’s nest: Allows detection of camo bloon within its radius.
  • Longer cannons: Increases range.
  • Battle ship: Shoots 3x faster.

Monkey ApprenticeEdit

Description: Very flexible. Uses its old and new magic. Prices:

  • Easy:470
  • Medium:550
  • Hard:595


  • Intense magic: Pops 7 bloons instead of 2.
  • Fireball: Throws a fireball that explodes on impact.
  • Summon whirlwind: Causes a whirlwind that sends bloons back the map but thaws out and removes glue.
  • Tempest tornado: Massive whirlwind that sends back bloons and pops up to 120.

Super MonkeyEdit

Description: Shoots super fast and has a big range. Prices:

  • Easy:3400
  • Medium:4000
  • Hard:4320


  • Super range: Greatly increase range.
  • Laser vision: Can pop 2 bloons at once and frozen bloons.
  • Plasma vision: Shoots twice as fast and destroys anything it touches.
  • Sun god: Shoots 3 golden beams in a spread pattern obliterating everything.

Banana FarmEdit

Description: Does not attack. Gives extra $80 at the end of each round. Very helpful. Prices:

  • Easy:850
  • Medium:1000
  • Hard:1080


  • More bananas: Gives 120 money per round.
  • Banana plantation: Gives 250 money per round.
  • Banana republic: Gives 500 money per round.
  • Banana research facility Gives 2000 money per round.

Dartling GunEdit

Description: Shoots darts rapidly but a little inaccurately to wherever your mouse is. You can decide exactly where this tower will shoot by moving your mouse wherever you want!


  • Easy:1065
  • Medium:1250
  • Hard:1350


  • Steady Firing: Lowers the firing spread.



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