Upgrades are purchasable items that are bought with money. They give the tower that they are bought for an improvement.


An upgrade in BTD 4.


Bloons Tower Defense 4Edit

Dart MonkeyEdit

Description: A monkey that shoots a single dart to pop a single bloon.


  • Easy:170
  • Medium:200
  • Hard:215


  • Piercing dart: Pops 2 bloons instead of 1.
  • Long range darts: Increases range of monkey.
  • Spike-o-pult: Turns into a spike-o-pult. Increases range and shoots a spike that goes across the screen, popping bloons.
  • Triple shot: Fires three spiked balls at once!

Tack ShooterEdit

Description: Shoots a volley of 8 tacks with short range.

  • Easy: 305
  • Medium:360
  • Hard:390


  • Faster shooting: Shoots faster.
  • Extra range: Increases range.
  • Blade shooter: Shoots blades instead of tacks, blades have more range.
  • Ring of fire: Increases range and shoots a wave of fire that pops everything.

Boomerang ThrowerEdit

Description: Shoots a boomerang in a curve pattern. Prices:

  • Easy:340
  • Medium:400
  • Hard:430


  • Multi target: Boomerang will hit up to 7 bloons.
  • Sonic boom: Boomerang will be able to pop frozen bloons.
  • Glaive thrower: Boomerang will hit up to 12 bloons.
  • Lightsabre Thrower: Lightsabre slices through everything, popping up to 70 bloons.

Bomb TowerEdit

Description: Slow firing bomb that pops many bloons at once. Prices:

  • Easy:595
  • Medium:700
  • Hard:755


  • Bigger bombs: Shoots bigger bombs.
  • Longer range: Increases range.
  • Missile launcher: Increases range and fires missiles instead of bombs, missiles fly faster and further.
  • MOAB mauler: Causes 10x more damage to MOAB’s and BFB’s

Ice TowerEdit

Description: Freezes bloons but has short range. Frozen bloons are immune to anything sharp. Prices:

  • Easy:325
  • Medium:380
  • Hard:410


  • Improved ice tower: Increases range and freeze time.
  • Permafrost: Slows down bloons even after they thaw out.
  • Snap freeze: Pops 1 layer of bloons and then freezes.
  • Arctic wind: Increases range and bloons slow down by 66% within its radius.

Mortar TowerEdit

Description: Aims at a single spot anywhere on the map. Prices:

  • Easy:700
  • Medium:825
  • Hard:890


  • Greater accuracy: Increases accuracy of mortars.
  • Rapid reload: Increases fire rate.
  • Bloon buster: Smashes through 2 layers of bloons.
  • Mortar battery: Shoots 3x faster.

Glue GunnerEdit

Description: Shoots glue that slows down bloons. Prices:

  • Easy:255
  • Medium:300
  • Hard:325


  • Stickier glue: Glue lasts longer
  • Glue soak: Glue goes through all the layers of bloons.
  • Corrosive glue: Pops bloons every 2 seconds.
  • Glue splatter: Glue splashes affecting up to 20 bloons.

Monkey BeaconEdit

Description: Does not attack and provides boosts to the towers within its range. Prices:

  • Easy:850
  • Medium:1000
  • Hard:1080


  • Wider influence: Increases range.
  • Jungle drums: Gives a boost to attack rate to towers within its range.
  • Sonar beacon: Allows towers within its range to shoot camo bloons.
  • Monkey storm: Gives the beacon a special attack that wipes out the whole screen, has a price and a cool down time. Unique.

Monkey AceEdit

Description: Flies above towers and the map in a figure 8 pattern, shoots a volley of 8 darts. Prices:

  • Easy:765
  • Medium:900
  • Hard:970


  • Pineapple express: Sometimes drops explosive pineapples on the map.
  • Spy plane: Allows detection of camo bloons near the plane.
  • Rapid fire: Shoots faster.
  • Operation: Dart storm: Shoots twice as many darts.

Monkey BuccaneerEdit

Description: Can only be placed on water. Has a long range and shoots a single heavy dart. Prices:

  • Easy:510
  • Medium:600
  • Hard:650


  • Grape shot: Adds a small volley of grapes to the shot.
  • Crow’s nest: Allows detection of camo bloon within its radius.
  • Longer cannons: Increases range.
  • Battle ship: Shoots 3x faster.

Monkey ApprenticeEdit

Description: Very flexible. Uses its old and new magic. Prices:

  • Easy:470
  • Medium:550
  • Hard:595


  • Intense magic: Pops 7 bloons instead of 2.
  • Fireball: Throws a fireball that explodes on impact.
  • Summon whirlwind: Causes a whirlwind that sends bloons back the map but thaws out and removes glue.
  • Tempest tornado: Massive whirlwind that sends back bloons and pops up to 120.

Super MonkeyEdit

Description: Shoots super fast and has a big range. Prices:

  • Easy:3400
  • Medium:4000
  • Hard:4320


  • Super range: Greatly increase range.
  • Laser vision: Can pop 2 bloons at once and frozen bloons.
  • Plasma vision: Shoots twice as fast and destroys anything it touches.
  • Sun god: Shoots 3 golden beams in a spread pattern obliterating everything.

Banana FarmEdit

Description: Does not attack. Gives extra $80 at the end of each round. Very helpful. Prices:

  • Easy:850
  • Medium:1000
  • Hard:1080


  • More bananas: Gives 120 money per round.
  • Banana plantation: Gives 250 money per round.
  • Banana republic: Gives 500 money per round.
  • Banana research facility Gives 2000 money per round.

Dartling GunEdit

Description: Shoots darts rapidly but a little inaccurately to wherever your mouse is. You can decide exactly where this tower will shoot by moving your mouse wherever you want!


  • Easy:1065
  • Medium:1250
  • Hard:1350


  • Steady Firing: Lowers the firing spread.
  • Powerful Shots: Makes darts fly out with greater speed, and makes them pop 3 bloons at once.
  • Increased Barrel Spin: Increases the gun's fire rate.
  • Laser Cannon: Converts to a cannon that shoots super powerful beams able to cause massive bloon damage.

Spike FactoryEdit

Bigger Stacks: More tacks= win

White Hot Spikes: Now, tacks could pop lead bloons

Faster Production: Produces tacks faster

Spike Storm: Every 15 seconds, the factory generates a storm of short-lived tacks filling up the entire track.

Bloons Tower Defense 5Edit

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Bloons Tower Defense 6Edit

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