A list of super effective, non-traditional strategies for the later stages for my favorite tower defense game

These strategies were created to jumpstart the traditional strategy of filling the screen up with Temples, Technological Terrors, Cripple MOABs, MIB: Call to Arms & Supply lines(Those types of strategies I like to call "extreme strategies"). Extreme difficulty tracks are not included because all strategies were created in sandbox mode, though most future strategies were made during actual gameplay. Each picture has small paper & magnifiying glass symbol that brings users to each picture's description.

User blog:Dinner111/BTD5 Keener Strategies

My strategy sub-types

  • Template: These strategies are the ones that look unfinished. They were intentionally made that way to promote imagination by allowing users of them to make their own strategies out of them.
  • Super: "The Super Strategies" used to be the name for my series, but now they are a sub-type for my "Keener Strategies". These strategies are made as ways to get far in freeplay, just as I intended my series to be. They are classified as strategies that combine aspects of the traditional freeplay strategies with aspects of my Keener strategies.






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