These strategies are my most poptastic. They are made to get players far in Freeplay, just as my series as a whole was intended.
Devestation Lane

This is what the Keener strategy of the gods looks like!

Poppage Park

This is anything, but a walk in the park!

Iceberg of Bloon Carcasses

The Super Strategies are back, fans!


This is why the letter Z isn't a safe letter!

Wall of lethality

Lethality is the appropriate adjective!

Big Bloon Cracker

Fireworks are dangerous & this one is no exception!

Field of Rubber Scraps

What is up with this picture?!

Leafy Warzone

The Bloons must be feeling frustrated right now!

Blizzard of Bloon Fragments

Happy New Year to all!

Bloon Destruction Opus

Behold! The power of thinking before hand!

Nice-Floored Popper

Just because this lobby has a nice floor doesn't mean it isn't fun!

Bloon Cranium

That skull will have rubber scraps in it!


Now to ship these bloon scraps to Ninja Kiwi headquarters!

Track of Poppage

They spin to their pops!

Snow Caps of Bloontonium

Talk about overkill!


The Popaconda is here!

Crop Bloon Nightmare

These crops just got bloonified!

County Bloon Fair

No deep-fried bloons here!

Bloon Carcass Fields

We're cranking up the heat here!

Mount DeathBloon

This lava will have tons of rubber in it!

Tunnel Destructor

This one is tunnel breaking!

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