For the BTD5 track, see Wattle Trees (Track).
Where the boomerangs come from, so pass this mission with Boomerang Monkeys only. Get 1 Boomerang Thrower free every 3 rounds. Road Spikes and Pineapples allowed.
~ Special Mission Rules

Wattle Trees is a special mission in Bloons Monkey City. The player must pass 25 rounds with only Boomerang Throwers at their disposal, with a free one given every three rounds (unless on mobile version 1.1 - 1.2.1 due to a glitch). Upon completion, the player is rewarded with $1000 and the Enchanted Boomerang special item, which increases the Boomerang's popping power by 1 in all games. If the player already has this item they will receive BloonstoneIcon50 instead. Altogether, four Wattle Trees tiles will appear, two in Grassy Pass and two in Bloon Dunes. In Bloons Monkey City Mobile, which does not include Bloon Dunes, there will only be two Wattle Trees tiles.


The rounds are similar to that of a Ceramic Tile, but with 25 rounds (26 in second city) instead of 17-21. There are no Camo Bloons or MOAB-Class Bloons (Camo Detection is only possible in this mission with road items, items or Glaive Lords). However, Lead Bloons can be a problem, so Exploding Pineapples will be essential to pop them until Red Hot 'Rangs is unlocked.


Main article: Wattle Trees/Strategies


  • Even though it's Boomerangs only in Wattle Trees, in the mobile version, you're allowed to place a banana farmer (pictured) if you have one.
IMG 7030

Wattle Trees, notice the banana farmer that sneaked in to the mission.

  • It is possible to earn Monkey Teams reward through playing this mission if one of the active Monkey Teams events contains a Boomerang Thrower.


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