Good old Yellow Bloons. Quite fast, quite big, and quite dangerous without a good defense.
~ Round 11 in Bloons Tower Defense 5

The Yellow Bloon is a Bloon that appears in all the Bloons Tower Defense series, Bloons series, BSM series and Bloons Monkey City. They usually appear in Round 11, and are the first real threat encountered by most players. They are the fastest out of all the Bloons in BTD1, BTD2 and BTD3, the second fastest Bloons in BTD4 and BTD5 following the Pink Bloons, and also the second fastest in BMC, behind Pink Bloons and D.D.T.'s (who are the same speed). Yellow Bloons are the parents of Green Bloons and the grandparents of Blue Bloons. Their parents are Pink Bloons, and their grandparents are White Bloons or Black Bloons. When a yellow Bloon and its children are all popped it yields a total of $4. Yellow Bloons also appear in the Bloons games, but only take one hit to pop.


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  • The Yellow Bloons are the second fastest Bloon in the Bloons series, behind Pink Bloons and DDTs.
  • The Sniper Monkey's upgrade Full Metal Jacket can pop an entire yellow bloon due to its ability to pop through 4 layers of bloons in one shot.
  • In BTD1 to BTD3 they are the child of a black since there were no pink bloons.
  • WallPaper7

    A yellow bloon outsmarting a Super Monkey with Laser Vision

    Yellows move much faster than greens, but only a little slower than pinks.
  • If it is just coming out of a tunnel, it can skip past a bit of a tower's range before it gets noticed.
  • Just like the Pink Bloon, it can outspeed an ill-placed Super Monkey most of the time, shown in the right.
  • In Bloons TD Battles, if someone has a lot of cash and a good defense, they can send an almost-never ending array of Yellow Bloons, especially since they charge fast.

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