This page contains tips for defeating Yellow Bloons.


  • Since they are fast, use towers with a high rate of fire, particularly x/2 Monkey Apprentices, x/3 Dart Monkeys, Ninja Monkeys of any upgrade, and perhaps Dartling Guns.
    • Since Yellow Bloons move quickly, it's not surprising that some towers, notably the towers below, will miss them. To minimize this missing, place towers closer to the track. The projectile thrown will hit the bloon earlier, thus giving the yellow bloon less time to move and possibly evade the projectile.
  • Tack Sprayers are particularly useful for dealing with yellow bloons, especially when placed on a bend or curve. They can pop spaced yellow bloons well, though consider getting more expensive towers for dealing with grouped yellows or even upgrading to Ring of Fire.
  • Unupgraded Dart Monkeys, despite having no splash damage, are still useful against yellows, especially during the earlier rounds due to their cheap cost and relatively quick rate of fire.
    • More than one Dart Monkey at the front of the track, particularly set to Strong and in early rounds, can strip yellows down to lower-level bloons, then have other towers further back pop the rest.
  • Cluster Bombs works well, due to their big area of explosion.
    • Bloon Impact, despite being very useful for dealing with yellows due to their splash and stun effect, they are very cost-inefficient (A 4/2 Bomb Tower costs more than $6000!) and by the time one would be able to afford one, one would already have spent money on a more cost-effective defense.
  • Sniper Monkeys, Rings of Fire, Spike Factories, and Ice Towers also work well, since they never miss with each attack.
  • A Juggernaut or Spike-O-Pult in front of a line of Yellow Bloons set to Last can shred the layer into Greens, allowing other towers to clean up without getting outrun.
  • Ninja & Glue Tactic
    • Place 5 glue gunners and get them up to 2/1 asap
    • Place 10 ninjas at least 1/1 but try and get 2/2 or 3/2.
    • Yellows bloons get slowed down and get popped by the quick popping power of the ninja.