Zebra bloons contain 1 black and 1 white bloon - and they are immune to bombs and ice!
~ Round 25 in Bloons Tower Defense 4

The Zebra Bloon is a Bloon that appears in BTD4, BTD5 and BSM2. Its appearance is a mix of the Black Bloon and White Bloon, and a larger appearance than both Bloons, unless they are regrow. Being a mix of Black and White Bloons, Zebra Bloons are immune to both bombs and ice. The Zebra Bloon is equal to Green and Black Bloons in terms of speed. They first appear on round 26 (25 in BTD4).


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The result of these frozen Zebra Bloons are Snap-Frozen Rainbow Bloons

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)Edit

After the grouped Rainbow Bloons got "nerfed", many players switched over to using grouped Zebra Bloons instead. The Zebra Bloon has not received many changes via game updates.


Nerf Grouped Zebra Bloons price increased ($200 → $220).


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